Today we are reaching out to our music and FaceBook friends, in support of our musical Brother Romeo Carrido, who recently passed away. It was quite a loss to all of us that knew him. We in the New Mexico Music Hall Of Fame and MIC ‘Musicians in Crises, would like to encourage you to go to the Go Fund Me Link below and help if you can.

From Vice President Abe Torres, in speaking with Romeo’s son Ricky Carrido, who is a very accomplished musician himself, his Dad moved from California to Albuquerque so he could spend more time with his Grand Children and in doing so ended up becoming part of the live music scene in the area, where he became quite the recognized player. I know that times are very trying right now with many deserving requests for support out there but please consider this Go Fund Me Page with whatever you can as final costs are weighing heavy on this family.  MIC ‘Musicians in Crises’  is a short term assistance program incorporated into the New Mexico Music Hall of Fame that will help full-time musicians when they are unable to work with stuff like rent, prescriptions, and other expenses. Since MIC is a new program and we have not received any donations to help with this financially at this time but we will help by spreading the word and our board members will contribute to the Go Fund me page. This incident is why MIC is so important in the future for New Mexico Musicians.

Thank You for your consideration and Rest In Peace Romeo.

Please support the New Mexico Hall of Fame

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